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1909 Society

1909 Society

Members, Fiscal Year 2013

1909 Society Members, Fiscal Year 2013: July 1, 2012 - June 30, 2013

*Denotes those who are deceased

Member: $1,000 - $4,999


Jacqueline A. Abbott ‘58 M’62

ABTech, Inc.

Agnes M. Lindsay Trust

Jane J. Allen ‘74 and Warren G. Allen

Davida Rubin-Baker and Yami Baker

Barbara R. Brackett ‘57 and William L. Brackett ‘57

Christine Branning and Harry H. Branning

Ronald B. Butcher H’70 and Kristine Butcher

Campus Compact for New Hampshire

Clarke Distributors Inc.

CNA Foundation

CNA Insurance

Lester Cohen and Norma R. Cohen

Lawrence P. Cole ‘59

Jane K. Corrigan ‘54 and Dean C. Corrigan ‘53

Carolyn B. Davis ‘48

F. Smyth Institute of Music

Roberto Ferragina ‘96

Nona P. Fienberg and Lorne M. Fienberg

David Frechette and Sydney Croteau-Frechette

Friends of the Thorne

MA Garamella Company Inc.

GE Foundation

Kenneth R. Goebel and Lorraine Goebel

Graphicast Inc.

Kimberly T. Harkness ‘85

Travis M. Hodgdon ‘94 and Gretchen Hodgdon

Edward J. Jennison

Donald J. Johnson ‘53

J P Morgan

Carol S. Jue and Kenneth Jue

Cheryl J. Kahn and Jay V. Kahn

Emily M. Kahn and Wolf Kahn

Henry Klopp and Beverly Klopp

Gary Kofinas

Julian Landau and Julie Landau

Gordon J. Leversee Jr. and Marcia M. Leversee

Liberty Mutual Insurance

Liberty Mutual Insurance Group

Jacob J. Lichman Memorial Trust

Sally T. Lichtenstein and John Lichtenstein

Donna M. Lietz and Andrew E. Lietz

Maryann L. Lindberg and Robert M. Lindberg

Anni E. Luneau ‘87 and Christopher Parker

Henry W. Maier ‘75

Daniel S. Mariaschin and Mazal Michal Mariaschin

Woody Meiszner

Katje K. Mickola ‘97 M’05 and Lynne M. Andrews

William H. Morgan and Susan B. Morgan

Brigida J. Mosley ‘46 M’72

Louis L. Murray Jr. ‘88

National Endowment for the Humanities

Mary M. Nelson ‘58

New York Life Insurance Co.

NH Ball Bearings, Inc.

NH Charitable Foundation

Nissan of Keene Inc.

Northeast Delta Dental

Order of Omega

Shirley B. Palone ‘65

Donna W. Robinson and Andrew P. Robinson

Jose A. Rodriguez and Margaret M. Rodriguez

Peter D. Roos and Elisabeth L. Roos

Constance A. Ross ‘57 and Eugene W. Ross ‘57

Allan O. Saulnier ‘63 and Madeline Saulnier ‘64

David R. Sawyer and Margaret M. Sawyer

Schwab Charitable Fund

Morton A. Shea ‘58 and Pauline D. Shea ‘58

Paul F. Silva ‘62

Joshua G. Smith ‘07 and Cate A. Smith ‘07

David B. Staples ‘55 M’60

Mansur K. Stevens Jr. ‘51

Frank G. Taylor Jr. ‘58

Verizon Foundation

Norma V. Walker ‘51 M’59

Margaret M. Walsh and John Newman

Mark F. Waltz ‘60 and Jane L. Waltz

Joseph F. Watters and Jane Watters

Whelen Engineering

Kathleen N. Williams

Robert N. Witham ‘53

Ellen M. Wright ‘63 and James Wright

Diana L. Wyman M’80 and Ronald P. Wyman Sr. ‘61

Stanley J. Yarosewick H’05 and Mary-Lou S. Yarosewick

Lori Zaniboni

Provost’s Circle: $5,000 - $9,999

Barbara D. Austin ‘77 and Bruce L. Austin ‘77 

C&S Wholesale Grocers, Inc.

Class of 1950 

DTZ - a UGL Company

Jean K. Hammonds

The Hoffman Family Foundation

John E. Hoffman Jr. and Jean W. Hoffman

Keene Branch, AAUW

Let It Shine Inc.

Main Street America Group

The Melanson Company, Inc.

National Film Preservation Foundation

Noyes Volkswagen, Inc.

Rist-Frost-Shumway Engineering

Savings Bank of Walpole

Saul O Sidore Memorial Foundation

C. Paul Vincent and Nancy T. Vincent

President’s Circle: $10,000 and above

Ayling Scholarship Foundation

Joseph A. Baute and Stephanie H. Baute ‘62 M’78

Cheshire Medical Center

The CMH Foundation

Janet L. Cohen and Richard B. Cohen

Dartmouth College

Engelberth Construction Inc.

Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund

Ida R. Goodell ‘47 *

Mary C. Hamilton ‘44

Marjorie P. Hilton ‘44

HNH Foundation

Keene Endowment Association

The Kingsbury Fund

Barbara J. Kirstein

Marion & Jasper Whiting Foundation


Emerson A. McCourt ‘35  and Ruth McCourt ‘35 

Bruce LeVine Mellion ‘69

William T. Morris Foundation

National Geographic Education Foundation

New England Foundation for the Arts

NH Humanities Council

Northeast Utilities Foundation, Inc.

Barbara A. Peterson ‘48 *

Public Service of NH

Sodexo Campus Services

TD Banknorth Charitable Foundation

Timken Aerospace & Super Precision

Timken Foundation

Charles Irwin Travelli Fund

John A. Waterhouse ‘65

Charles G. Zoulias ‘67 and Christine Zoulias

Recent Graduates: 1 to 9 years since graduation

Michael T. Araujo ‘11

Robert J. Musto ‘11

Kaila R. Schippani ‘11

Christine F. Williams ‘11

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