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It’s Phonathon Time!

Our student workers will soon be calling you in the fall. For now, the Phonathon Program is hiring student workers to join our enthusiastic team! Interested students should find an application and job description here. Return the completed application along with your resume to Sara Barrett, Director for Engagement of Alumni & Constituents at

Meet Our Student Managers

Jenna Barton ‘18

Major: Psychology
Year at Phonathon: Second Year
What do you love most about KSC?

"I love the size of the campus the most. It is big enough where I can meet new people everyday, but small enough where I am not just a number, but a name on campus. I also love the connection we have with the town of Keene, and all of the resources the town offers to the college!"

Mary D’Orvilliers ‘18

Major: Secondary Education and Spanish
Year at Phonathon: Fourth Year
What was your most memorable phone call?

"My most memorable phone call was from an alumni who lived in CT. After chatting about her experiences at Keene, she asked about my major and I told her I was Spanish and Secondary Education. We talked about how important it was to learn languages. I told her I had an interest in learning ASL, but that Keene doesn’t have classes (and other schools in CT don’t offer those classes during school breaks), so I was lost as to a finding way to learn. She told me about her friend and passed along her information so I could get in touch! Although the ASL person never got in touch with me, the call was really wonderful because in a sense I was networking and even though this alumni didn’t know me personally, she still supported my studies and passions."

Jill Giambruno ‘18

Major: Health Science major with a concern in Community Health
Year at Phonathon: Second
What do you love about this job?

“Working with the Phonathon this year was so much fun! This was one of the first jobs I ever had where I was looking forward to coming into work and putting in my best effort. It’s an amazing experience getting to connect with alumni. I feel like my KSC journey has been enhanced by hearing about the history of the school from past students.”

How Was Your KSC Phonathon Experience? Let Us Know!

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