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About Keene State

Keene State College holds a preeminent place as the public liberal arts college of New Hampshire. Since its founding in 1909, Keene State has continuously expanded its mission to offer a broad spectrum of academic programs. The College’s programs are grounded in the values and competencies of the liberal arts tradition, and they provide students with the enduring skills and knowledge that will serve them for a lifetime of professional opportunities. Keene State helps to guide students as they grow as individuals by offering engaging and exciting opportunities to develop new connections and friendships, and find belonging in the College community.

Keene State’s campus is set on Main Street in the vibrant and quaint city of Keene, just down the street from restaurants, shopping, cafes and theatres. Half of the campus abuts downtown Keene; the other half lies south of the main campus and has been developed for intercollegiate athletics, intramural sports, and physical education programs. The College’s campus spans 188 acres with 71 buildings to serve students in academic and co-curricular activities. Appian Way is the central pedestrian route through the heart of campus that leads to historic academic, administrative, and residential buildings, as well as Mason Library, the student center, and the dining commons. Also located on Appian Way is Fiske Quad, an open space where Commencement is held, and where students study and visit with friends and professors. A series of quadrangles and walkways links the academic buildings, residence halls, parking lots, and outdoor areas of the College. The result is a unified, functional, and aesthetically pleasing central campus, with a mix of historic, renovated, and new buildings. Keene State is known for its friendly and welcoming campus environment, and its close connection with downtown Keene.

Keene State is committed to an accessible educational experience for all students who demonstrate the determination to succeed. The College offers a learning and living environment that is defined by supportive professors and staff who are invested in students’ success by challenging them to exceed beyond their expectations. Students engage in a variety of learning experiences that prepare them for careers, and demonstrate the practical application of their education, including hands-on learning, research, internships, service to the community, and study away. All areas of study incorporate qualities that are essential to success: critical thinking, creative inquiry, intercultural competence, civic engagement, and commitment to well-being. Exploration of important topics through connection with other students in co-curricular programs is also an essential part of the Keene State experience.

Keene State College is further committed to creating and maintaining a community in which students, faculty, and staff can work together in an environment free of all forms of discrimination and discriminatory harassment. Discrimination and Discriminatory Harassment (including sexual harassment) is antithetical to the standards, values, and mission of Keene State College and will not be tolerated. Such conduct interferes with the mission of the College by diminishing access to education and employment; compromising the free and open exchange of ideas; and impeding relationships among students, faculty, and staff. (

These commitments contribute to our success and recognition. US News and World Report ranks Keene State in Tier I of the Regional Universities in the North. The College is accredited by the New England Commission of Higher Education (NECHE), with many other programs accredited by their specific disciplines. These prestigious accomplishments recognize the College’s commitment to academic excellence and the success of its students. For a full list of accreditations, please view the Keene State College Factbook, available online from the Institutional Research and Assessment Office.