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Creative Writing


20 credits

The writing minor helps develop an essential skill in ways applicable to any major, and offers students a means of pursuing their own interests in the field. Students may choose to focus primarily on fiction and poetry, may concentrate on nonfiction writing, or may combine these genres. All students are required in the last year of their program to complete and submit a portfolio of revised and selected work.

Minor Requirements

Select one of the following:

  • IAENG 202 Creative Nonfiction Writing
  • IAENG 204 Creative Writing

Select three of the following (including at least two courses at the 300 level or above):

  • ENG 201 Writing with Style
  • IAENG 202 Creative Nonfiction Writing (if not previously completed)
  • IAENG 204 Creative Writing (if not previously completed)
  • ENG 301 Fiction Workshop
  • ENG 302 Poetry Workshop
  • IAENG 304 Advanced Creative Writing
  • ENG 307 Professional Writing Workshop
  • ENG 308 Advanced Topics in Writing
  • ENG 312: Descriptive Grammar (Prerequisites: ITW 101 and one 200-level English course)
  • ENG 402 Theory and Practice
  • ENG 497 Writing/Publishing Internship

Required of all students

ENG 405 Writing Portfolio