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Women’s and Gender Studies

Bachelor of Arts

Effective fall 2021, there will be no admission to the program for both current and prospective students as this program is on administrative hold.

Women’s and Gender Studies is an interdisciplinary field that examines feminist and queer theoretical perspectives on the intersections of race/ethnicity, class, gender, sexuality, nationality, religion, and other identities. This major teaches students to think critically about the social construction of identity and the politics of knowledge production. Students will use these critical-thinking skills to understand people’s lives within a global context and analyze the systems of oppression that contribute to continuing economic, political, and cultural inequalities. Women's and Gender Studies majors will be encouraged to apply theoretical knowledge and work toward social justice by engaging in a number of experiential educational opportunities. The Women’s and Gender Studies Department offers students an interdisciplinary liberal arts education that prepares them for a variety of careers, including, but not limited to, education, health, media, public relations and human resources, social and governmental service, policy work, and political advocacy. A student with a bachelor's degree in Women’s and Gender Studies will be prepared for graduate studies as well as other post-graduate work, such as law or social work. Working closely with an advisor who is a core faculty member in Women’s and Gender Studies, students design their course of study around two core courses, an individualized set of interdisciplinary topics and theory courses, and a set of disciplinary courses. The Women’s and Gender Studies major allows students to engage with theoretical and experiential knowledge that ranges between and across the academic disciplines.

Integrative Studies Requirements

40 credits minimum

Major Requirements

36 credits

Core Courses

8 credits

IIWGS 101 Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies
WGS 495 Capstone in Women's and Gender Studies

WGS Interdisciplinary Theory

8 credits

Select two of the following:

  • WGS 301 Transnational Feminist Theories
  • WGS 302 Queer Theories
  • WGS 303 Latina Feminist Theories
  • WGS 304 Feminist Media Theory
  • WGS 490 Advanced Topics in Women's and Gender Studies
  • WGS 498 Advanced Independent Study

WGS Interdisciplinary Topics

12 credits

Select three of the following:

  • IIWGS 145 Complexities of Masculinities
  • IIWGS 210 Reproductive Justice
  • IIWGS 220 Starved or Stuffed
  • IIWGS 235 Approaches to Latinidades
  • IIWGS 240 Race, Gender, Sexuality and Pop Culture
  • IHWGS 290 Topics in Women's and Gender Studies
  • IIWGS 290 Topics in Women's and Gender Studies
  • IIWGS 300 Critical Ethnic Studies
  • WGS 291 Topics in Women's and Gender Studies
  • WGS 298 Independent Study
  • WGS 497 Internship

Other Disciplinary Electives

8 credits

Select two of the following (Note: Some disciplinary electives have discipline-specific prerequisites.):

  • CJS 471 Women and Crime
  • ENG 381 Women Writers
  • FILM 495 Seminar I - Feminist Film Theories (specified in title)
  • IAMU 115 Women in Music
  • IHFILM 310 Women and Cinema
  • IIHGS 254 Women in the Holocaust
  • IHHIST 222 Marriage and Family in Western Civilization: The Ancient West
  • IHHIST 331 Sex and Sanctity in Medieval Europe
  • IHHIST 338 A History of Sexuality
  • IIEDUC 306 Women and Education
  • IIPH 350 Women and Health
  • ISANTH 315 Gender and Culture
  • PSYC 425 Psychology of Women
  • SOC 345 Sociology of Families


Select courses to reach a total of 120 credits for the degree.

Degree Requirements

120 credits
40 credits at the upper-level