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Sport and Recreation Management

Bachelor of Science

The Sport and Recreation Management major prepares students for a career in organizational management within the sport and recreation industries. Students will receive an interdisciplinary, liberal arts education developing professional knowledge and skills with students receiving nearly equal combination of Business Management and Human Performance Movement Science courses. Sport and Recreation Management majors will receive content knowledge in areas of business, management, marketing, operations, administration, coaching, ethics, legality, diversity, sociology, and psychology in sport & recreation. This broad perspective gained will allow our students to qualify for a wide variety of positions within the sport industry.

Integrative Studies Requirements

40 credits minimum

Major Requirements

52 credits

Core Courses

48 credits

A grade C or higher is required in MGT 101, MGT 215, MGT 307/HP 307, HP 444.

MGT 101 Introduction to Management
HP 100 Issues in Physical Education and Sport
MGT 215 Accounting for Sustainable Business
HP 210 Principles of Coaching
MGT 301 Organizational Theory and Behavior
MGT 307 / HP 307 Sport Management
IIHP 310 Psycho-Social Aspects of Sport
MGT 331 Principles of Marketing
ISECON 342 Sports Economics
HP 362 Law & Ethics in Sport & Rec
HP 444 Sports & Rec. Administration
MGT 493 Management Internship (4 Credits)


4 credits

Choose one of the following courses:

  • IIHP 311 Outdoor Recreational Leadership
  • ISSOC 355 Sport in Society
  • IHHIST 377 Sports and American History
  • MGT 333 Advertising and Promotion
  • MGT 380 Project MGT Fundamentals


Select additional courses to reach a total of 120 credits for the degree.

Degree Requirements

120 credits
40 credits at the upper-level