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Public Health Nutrition

Master of Science
School of Sciences, Sustainability, and Health

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Our program outcomes are in alignment with the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics standards in order to prepare those who wish to practice public health nutrition. By completion of the MS in Public Health Nutrition graduates should be able to:

  • Assess public health nutrition problems and needs of the population.
  • Survey communities in identifying public health nutrition-related needs.
  • Examine the nutritional status of populations and related systems of care, and classify information back into assessment functions.
  • Develop policies and programs that address highest priority public health nutrition problems and needs.
  • Develop a budget for a public health nutrition program.
  • Identify resources (e.g., grants, contracts) to support public health nutrition programs.
  • Implement effective public health nutrition programs.
  • Evaluate public health nutrition strategies and programs.
  • Build relationships with others to promote public health nutrition policy and system changes.