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Professional Writing


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Consistent with professional writing programs across the country, this course of study would benefit students in multiple majors as they prepare to enter the workforce, become entrepreneurs, and as they participate in civic service through their work with nonprofit organizations. The interdisciplinary set of courses available in this minor help students to see the importance of integrating writing, design, and research in writing for workplaces and the community.

  • Become familiar with expectations and types of professional and workplace writing.
  • Identify and analyze the audience and purpose for writing situations and draft and design needed documents accordingly.
  • Communicate information accurately and efficiently through various types of documents.
  • Create effective oral presentations, applying professional writing principles.
  • Incorporate visuals effectively to enhance the communication of ideas and concepts.
  • Conduct usability testing to test the effectiveness of documents with the target audience(s).
  • Collaborate with a writing team to successfully complete projects.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of key concepts in professional writing: context, purpose, audience, genre, usability, visual rhetoric.