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Political Science

School of Sciences, Sustainability, and Health

20 credits

The Political Science minor provides students with an understanding of politics and government as practiced in the United States and throughout the world; a knowledge of global political relationships; opportunities to develop skills that are useful both in the course of participating first-hand in politics and in the rigorous analysis and communication of complex information; familiarity with methods used in the study of political science; and preparation for professional careers in law, government, international affairs, and the teaching of politics and the social sciences.

Students pursuing a minor in political science should receive a grade C or higher in each course that counts toward the minor.

Minor Requirements

The distribution requirements are:

Three courses in Political Science at the 200 level or higher (12 credits), in two of the three content areas defined below

Content Area 1: U.S. Politics and Public Policy

  • ISPOSC 210 U.S. Politics
  • ISPOSC 211 State and Local Politics
  • POSC 215 Public Administration
  • POSC 310 Participation and Democracy in America
  • POSC 312 Public Policy Analysis
  • POSC 315 Environmental Policy
  • POSC 316 Constitutional Law

Content Area 2: Global and Comparative Politics

  • ISPOSC 220 Global Politics
  • ISPOSC 223 Introductory Comparative Government
  • ISPOSC 228 Understanding Global Politics through Literature and Film
  • POSC 321 U.S. Foreign Policy and Globalization
  • POSC 322 Global Political Economy
  • POSC 323 Advanced Comparative Analysis of Government
  • POSC 324 Conflict Management

Content Area 3: Political Thought and Analysis

  • ISPOSC 230 Foundations of Political Thought
  • POSC 250 Writing and Research
  • POSC 334 Modern Political Thought

At least one additional course in political science at the 300 or 400 level (4 credits)
POSC 401 Keystone in Political Science

No more than 4 credits should be earned toward the minor from 496 (the practicum/internship) or 498 (the advanced independent study course).