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The Politics minor provides students with an understanding of politics and government as practiced in the United States and throughout the world; a knowledge of global political relationships; opportunities to develop skills that are useful both in the course of participating first-hand in politics and in the rigorous analysis and communication of complex information; familiarity with methods used in the study of political science; and preparation for professional careers in law, government, international affairs, and the teaching of politics and the social sciences.

Students pursuing a minor in Politics should receive a grade C or higher in each course that counts toward the minor.

Minor Requirements

20 credits

At least 20 credits that the Politics program offers as POSC or ISPOSC or IIPOSC options, with at least 8 credits at the 300-400 level.

The prerequisites and prior-course recommendations for 300-level courses help students develop a relatively deep understanding of the fields in which they take upper-level courses.