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20 credits

The philosophy minor is designed to strengthen reasoning skills by emphasizing critical thinking and analysis about a range of important topics. A minor in philosophy complements many different majors, as these skills are beneficial for students seeking careers in a variety of fields.

Minor Requirements

Core Courses

IHPHIL 100 Logical Argumentation


Select four of the following courses with a minimum of two at the 300 or 400-level:

  • IHPHIL 220 Ethics
  • PHIL 250 Sex, Gender, Justice
  • PHIL 280 Knowledge and Reality
  • PHIL 290 Special Topics
  • PHIL 313 Philosophy and the Holocaust
  • PHIL 340 Politics of Multiculturalism
  • PHIL 350 Aesthetics
  • PHIL 360 Philosophy of Law
  • PHIL 370 Philosophy of Language
  • PHIL 380 Why Not Anarchy?
  • PHIL 406 Existentialism and Film
  • PHIL 490 Advanced Special Topics
  • PHIL 498 Independent Study