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The Nutrition Minor provides course offerings that will enable students to learn about the discipline of nutrition and its relationship to the health and wellness of individuals and groups, and quality of life. The minor will provide students with the opportunity to broaden and deepen their skill sets to optimize career paths. The program provides a curriculum with a strong scientific foundation that emphasizes evidence-based practice, research, and cultural competency.

Minor Requirements

20 credits

Core Courses

INPH 175 Essentials of Nutrition Science
PH 215 Nutrition Science and Application
PH 216 Food Culture and Community Nutrition
PH 318 Nutrition Throughout the Lifespan

In addition, choose one elective from the following:

  • HP 344 Sports Nutrition
  • ISPH 285 Health in Society
  • PH 310 Food Science
  • PH 313 Food Service Management
  • IIPH 330 Resiliency for Well-Being
  • IIPH 350 Women and Health
  • PH 380 Addiction: Theory, Practice and Research
  • IIPH 445 Human Sexuality
  • PH 473 Practicum