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Bachelor of Science

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  • Neuroscience majors will gain the theoretical background necessary for exploring the fundamental questions that neuroscience researchers in the fields of biology, chemistry and psychology ask when studying the brain.

  • Neuroscience majors will develop familiarity with major theories and research methodologies that underlie current neuroscience research.

  • Neuroscience majors will learn the major topics involved in an understanding of the neuroscientific foundations of human and animal behavior and how the central and peripheral nervous systems as well as the endocrine system relate to these behaviors.

  • Neuroscience majors will be able to develop testable hypotheses, design experiments to test hypotheses and conduct experiments including data collection, analysis, interpretations and presentation. They will also be able to effectively search computer databases for relevant literature (primary and secondary) on scientific topics.

  • Neuroscience majors will understand and be able to critically evaluate research literature in neuroscience.

  • Neuroscience majors will engage in academic activities that support the important interdisciplinary connections in neuroscience research and theories.