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Mathematics Education for Elementary Teachers

Bachelor of Arts
School of Sciences, Sustainability, and Health

This program is designed to prepare candidates for grades K-8 elementary school teaching with a specialization in mathematics. In addition to meeting all the degree requirements set by Keene State College (mathematics, education, and integrative studies) and the certification requirements for elementary school teaching by the state of New Hampshire, graduates of this major, with sufficient teaching experience and graduate work, could become elementary school mathematics specialists in school districts.

Integrative Studies Requirements

40 credits minimum

Major Requirements

40 credits minimum

MATH 151 Calculus I
MATH 171 Structure of Number Systems
MATH 175 Data Analysis for Teachers
MATH 218 Computer Tools for Problem Solving
MATH 220 Mathematical Reasoning and Proof
MATH 275 Geometry for K-8 Teachers
MATH 337 Number Theory
MATH 375 Algebraic Concepts for K-8 Teachers
MATH 475 Capstone in Mathematics Education

Select one of the following:

  • One mathematics elective (MATH/IIMATH) at the 200 level or higher.
  • MATH 152 Calculus II

Teacher Certification

Students selecting this major must meet the requirements for elementary teacher certification. Refer to the Educator Preparation section of this catalog for information on these requirements, including courses that are to be included as part of the Integrative Studies Program requirements.


Select courses to reach a total of 120 credits for the degree.

Degree Requirements

120 credits