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Bachelor of Science

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Program Objectives and/or Learning Outcomes:
Students will possess each of the following:

  1. Technical skill in completing mathematical processes.
    By technical skill we mean both the ability to correctly apply standard algorithms found in the undergraduate mathematics curriculum as well as the ability yo choose an appropriate algorithm.
  2. Breadth and depth of knowledge of mathematics.
    By breath we mean work accross a spectrum of mathematical areas as geometry, algebra, probability and statistics, analysis, history, and apllications/modeling.
    By depth we mean the ability to recognize, represent, and connect mathematical ideas in multiple ways; the ability to reason both inductively and deductively; and the ability to meaningfully engage in the process of mathematical problem solving.
  3. An understanding of the relationship of mathematics to other disciplines.
  4. An ability to communicate mathematics effectively, both orally and in writing.
  5. A capability of understanding and interpreting written materials in mathematics.
  6. An ability to use technology to do mathematics.