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Business Management

Bachelor of Science

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PL01: Use financial and accounting as well as other quantitative decision making tools to solve problems

PL02: Understand how to assess the external business environment and the complex forces leading to change

PL03: Use collaborative behaviors and team building skills to accomplish stated group goals

PL04: Think analytically, conceptually, and ethically about business-related problems

PL05: Effectively communicate both orally and in writing

Content: 1, 2 Intellectual: 2, 4 Professional: 3, 5

Entrepreneurship: With the Entrepreneurship specialization, students will study via project based learning how to design and development products and services. By its very nature entrepreneurship is a multi-faceted field. Therefore, multiple perspectives and methods will undergird the teaching and learning about entrepreneurship. These include a triple bottom line perspective which encourages respect and attention for economic development at the community level. Life cycle analysis will help students understand the dynamics of product/service evolution over time. Finally, students will develop a product or service outlined in a detailed business plan created individually or in teams. Students will also learn and be encouraged to consider B-corporations that include positive impacts on society, workers, the community, as well as employee stock ownership plans (ESOPs) in which business owners and employees own shares in the company. The list of electives enables the student to enrich their expertise in many areas from conceptualization stage via an art/drawing class to critical aspects of marketing, negotiations, as well as the larger implications for society.