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Journalism - Public Relations


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Students will demonstrate their ability with the four-step PR process of research, program planning, strategic communication and evaluation by developing strategies to acheive PR objectives; utilize multimedia tactics to implement PR in traditional and digital media environments, along with evaluating the effectiveness of those efforts.

Students will acquire skills and knowledge regarding the role and practice of Public Relations in a diverse global marketplace through learning the application of PR in varied venues like corporations, non-profits, PR agencies, campaigns and issue-based groups. This minor integrates both technique with a multimedia based approach and emphasizes ethics, research and analysis skills necessary to produce credible PR.

Writing Development: Develop complex perspectives; Support complex perspectives, positions and/or arguments; Use revision effectively as part of the writing process; Use grammar, Associated Press Style and correct spelling to communicate ideas; Effectively communicate ideas.

Critical Thinking: Use credible evidence to support or refute an idea; Incorporate multiple perspectives in examining an issue; Evaluate a source's use of evidence to support ideas and news angles; Evaluate credibility of sources for potential information; Develop in-depth research and analysis skills of using information appropriately.

Critical Reading: Identify key and accurate elements in reading material to analyze and then develop as part of PR work; Identify the relationship between ideas and concepts in both development and production of PR work; Identify and consider impact of differences in meaning, perspectives and perception when PR material is presented in varying ways.