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Holocaust and Genocide Studies


20 credits

The minor in Holocaust and Genocide Studies combines historical background with an interdisciplinary exploration of both the Holocaust and genocide through film, literature, philosophy, psychology, sociology, religious studies, and other offerings. The following curriculum will help students develop a firm knowledge of the Holocaust as an event and an understanding of its precipitating factors and legacy. With a deeper awareness of such issues as prejudice, discrimination, and racism, students should be better able to analyze contemporary political situations and think critically about ethical responsibility.

Minor Requirements

12 credits

IIHGS 155 Introduction to Holocaust and Genocide Studies
IHHGS 252/IHHIST 252 The Holocaust
HGS 374 Comparative Genocide


8 credits

Of the remaining two courses (8 credits), one must be a Holocaust elective (4 credits) and one must be a genocide elective (4 credits), as specified by course title. Both courses must be at the 300 level or higher. Course designations for Special Topics Holocaust electives will end in 90. Course designations for Special Topics Genocide electives will end in 70.

Holocaust-Specific Electives

4 credits minimum

  • HGS 313/PHIL 313 Philosophy and the Holocaust
  • ISHGS 326/ISSOC 326 Sociology of the Holocaust
  • HGS 340 Film and the Holocaust
  • HGS 353/HIST 353 Nazi Germany and the Holocaust
  • IHHGS 356 The Holocaust and the Christian World
  • HGS 490 Holocaust Special Topics¹
  • HGS 494 Senior Honors¹
  • HGS 497 Internship¹
  • HGS 498 Independent Study¹

Genocide-Specific Electives

4 credits minimum

  • IHHGS 381 Human Trafficking Across the Globe
  • HGS 382 Transitional Justice
  • HGS 370 Genocide Special Topics²
  • HGS 427/SOC 427 Rwandan Society and Genocide
  • HGS 470 Genocide Special Topics²
  • HGS 494 Senior Honors²
  • HGS 497 Internship²
  • HGS 498 Independent Study²

¹ Holocaust must be specified by course title/description.
² Genocide must be specified by course title/description.