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History and Archives

Master of Arts

The M.A. in History and Archives provides professional training in the fields of archive administration and public history. Generally, students in the Master of Arts program will complete an internship with an archive (including, potentially, digital archives) and complete a professional project as part of their studies. Projects may include, but are not limited to, writing historically interpretative material for a public exhibit, digitally transcribing archival holdings, or developing a user guide to a manuscript collection. Students may also choose to complete an archive-based historical research project and thesis. The program offers a “4 plus 1” option for current undergraduate students who wish to complete their studies without interruption at the Masters level in the field of History and Archives.

Admissions Criteria

Students with a baccalaureate degree in any field may apply for admission to this graduate program on a part-time or full-time basis. Admission will be based upon the evaluation of undergraduate transcripts, a writing sample, and a statement of interest and intended study in the program. All students must submit an application for Graduate Study in History and Archives, including required materials, to the Graduate Studies Office. For additional information refer to the Graduate Application. All students will select a graduate history faculty adviser upon matriculation to the program.

4 plus 1 Option Admission Criteria

Any student with 74 undergraduate credits may apply for admission to the M.A. program.

Major Requirements

35 credits

HIST 650 Graduate Topics in History and Archives (3 semesters for a total of 12 credits)
HIST 651 Introduction to History and Archive Studies
HIST 652 Archival Methods and Administration (5 credits)
HIST 660 Historical Archival Research/Internship (6 credits)
HIST 670 Graduate Thesis/Project (1-2 semesters for total of 8 credits)

4 plus 1 Option: Baccalaureate Degree and M.A. in History and Archives

(120 Baccalaureate credits, 35 graduate credit hours)

During their senior year, admitted students will take two HIST 650 graduate classes (eight total credits) that will count toward both their baccalaureate degree and M.A. degree in History and Archives. For current undergraduate history majors, the two HIST 650 courses will also fulfill the 400-level course requirements for the major.

Degree Requirements

Educators or other interested professionals may take HIST 650 (which may be repeated as topics vary), HIST 651, and HIST 652 for professional development purposes without enrolling in the M.A. in History and Archives Program. If they decide to enroll in the program, they may apply these courses toward the M.A.