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Post-Master's Certification

Post-Master's Certification

For individuals currently holding an appropriate master's degree who wish to become certifiable as a school principal or school counselor, post-master's certification programs are available as follows:

Major Requirements

Educational Leadership Post-Master's Certification Option

27 credits

(Meets New Hampshire Certification Competencies for Principal: Grades K-12)

The Educational Leadership Post-Master's Certification Option will provide the candidate with the framework and expertise in the knowledge, skills, and dispositions for transformational school leadership for the 21st century. Through the perspectives of the conceptual framework of the Keene State College education program, candidates for the Educational Leadership Program will:

  • Explore the dynamic nature of the teaching and learning process.
  • Demonstrate professional and ethical behaviors that meet high expectations and standards.
  • Understand the world from multiple perspectives.
  • Contribute to a just and equitable world.

School principals are leaders who function in many roles to meet the diverse needs of individuals and groups in an increasingly complex society and a rapidly evolving world. To lead effectively, school principals must be prepared with the knowledge, skills, and ethical understandings necessary to create an environment that promotes human potential in terms of learning and citizenship.

Admission Criteria

Candidates for admission to the Educational Leadership Certificate Option must submit an Application for Graduate Study in Education, including required materials, to the Graduate Studies Office.

For additional information, refer to the Graduate Application.

Educational Leadership Certification Requirements

27 credits


15 credits

EDUC 611 Contemporary Issues and Effective Schools
EDUC 621 Curriculum Theory and Development
EDUC 631 Curriculum Management and Student Assessment
EDUC 641 School Law
EDUC 651 School Leadership

Specialization: School Principal

12 credits

EDUCEL 631 Staff Selection, Supervision, and Evaluation
EDUCEL 652 Budget, Facilities, and Safe Schools
EDUCEL 696 Internship I: School and Community Relations
EDUCEL 697 Internship II: Connections