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Bachelor of Science
School of Arts, Education, and Humanities

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Our program options have identified Danielson's four domains as our program objectives and we evaluate students' progress against these goals throughout their preparation. These domains/objectives are:

  • Develop expertise in planning and preparation, demonstrating knowledge of subject matter, methodology, students, instructional goals, resources, instructional design, and assessment.
  • Develop expertise in establishing a positive classroom environment, including establishing respect and rapport with students within a culture of learning, managing classroom procedures and student behavior, and effectively organizing classroom space.
  • Develop expertise in classroom instruction by communicating clearly, using a variety of teaching techniques that engage students in their learning, providing feedback, and being flexible and responsive to students.
  • Develop a sense of "professionalism" and demonstrate professional responsibility and growth by reflecting on their teaching, maintaining accurate records, and communicating effectively with families, colleagues, and administrators. In addition, students focus on the important themes also outlined in Danielson, which are reflected in the KSC Conceptual Framework: promoting equity, practicing cultural sensitivity, maintaining high expectations, providing developmentally appropriate activities, accommodating students with special needs, and incorporating technology into the classroom.