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Criminal Justice Studies


24 credits

This minor develops knowledge of the criminal justice system, theories of criminal behavior, law, administration, and policy. Courses also involve the study of issues and conditions confronting and changing the criminal justice system.

Minor Requirements

24 credits

Core Requirements

12 credits

CJS 101 Introduction to Criminal Justice Studies
CJS 240 Criminology
CJS 342 Advanced Criminology

Elective Courses

12 credits minimum

Students must select three additional courses (or courses totaling 12 credits) from the CJS Elective Courses list. Two of these courses must be at the 300 level or higher. Please note that special topics courses may be available. Please contact the Criminal Justice Studies coordinator for a list of qualified topics courses. Furthermore, the student should be aware that some of the courses listed below have prerequisites that must be met or waived by the instructor of record before they can be registered for the course.

Topics in Criminal Justice Studies

  • CJS 201 Corrections
  • CJS 250 Homeland Security
  • CJS 290 Topics in Criminal Justice
  • CJS 310 Perspectives on U.S. Policing
  • CJS 320 Case Studies in Violence
  • CJS 352/SOC 352 Sociology of Deviance
  • CJS 365 Juvenile Delinquency
  • CJS 372 Criminal Justice Administration
  • CJS 390 Studies in Criminal Justice
  • CJS 465 Terrorism
  • SOC 470 State Crimes
  • IHPHIL 220 Ethics

Courts, Law, and Politics

  • CJS 340/WGS 340 Gender and the Law
  • HGS 313/PHIL 313 Philosophy and the Holocaust
  • ISPOSC 211 State and Local Politics
  • PHIL 360 Philosophy of Law
  • SAFE 304/ENST 304 Environmental Law and Regulation
  • SOC 372 Law and Justice in Society

Topics in Sociology and Anthropology

  • ISANTH 323 Anthropology of Conflict and Violence
  • ANTH 478/CJS 478 Order, Chaos, and Violence
  • ISSOC 310 Social Problems
  • SOC 328 Social Policy
  • ISSOC 357 Global Ethnic Relations
  • SOC 475 Social Stratification
  • SOC 480 Political Sociology

Topics in Psychology and the Human Services

  • PH 200 Alcohol and Other Drugs: The Fundamentals
  • PSYC 221 Social Psychology
  • SOC 234 Introduction to Social Work

Topics in Forensics

  • ANTH 332/CJS 332 Forensic Anthropology
  • INCHEM 201 Forensic Science