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School of Sciences, Sustainability, and Health

24-28 credit

The Chemistry minor makes it possible for students to pursue their personal interests by selecting upper-level electives in Chemistry. It also permits students majoring in another field to pursue a program of study in the physical sciences.

Minor Requirements

INCHEM 111 General Chemistry I
CHEM 112 General Chemistry II

Select one from the following:

  • CHEM 220 Fundamental Organic Chemistry
  • CHEM 221 Organic Chemistry I and CHEM 222 Organic Chemistry II

CHEM 251 Quantitative Analysis
CHEM Electives (8 credits at 300 level or above)

Prerequisites may apply to many of these Electives courses. Please see individual course descriptions.

Appropriate 300-level or above courses from other departments may be substituted to meet one course of the CHEM Electives requirement with the approval of the Chemistry department chair.