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Bachelor of Arts

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Upon the completion of the Chemistry program at Keene State College, students will:

  • Understand a broad range of knowledge in analytical, biochemical, inorganic, organic, and physical chemistry
  • Apply their knowledge and critical thinking skills to the solution of theoretical and practical problems in chemistry
  • Understand the basic theory and use of modern instrumentation. Specifically, to be able to demonstrate the ability to acquire, interpret, and analyze data using instrumental methods
  • Demonstrate laboratory skills appropriate to the study of chemistry, including
    • The ability to perform quantitative or qualitative chemical measurements,
    • The ability to perform basic synthetic reactions
    • The ability to maintain a laboratory notebook
    • The ability to work safely in a laboratory setting
  • Prepare effective written scientific reports and oral presentations assisted by the use of computer technology (word processing, spreadsheets, chemical structure drawing programs, and chemical information retrieval services)
  • Understand the importance of chemistry as it applies to industrial, economic, environmental, and social issues, and maintain an interest in the study and practice of chemistry
  • Be successful in pursuing graduate studies or employment in chemistry or a chemically-related field