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Campaigns and Elections


20 credits

This minor provides background to prepare students for possible volunteer or career-track work in consulting or campaigns. The minor would be a complement to a Political Science, Management, Economics, Communication, Journalism or other major. Also a complement to majors with advocacy as common career track (Environmental Studies, Holocaust and Genocide Studies, or Women’s and Gender Studies, for example).

The minor consists of one required course and four other courses (totaling 20 credits). Students must choose courses from at least three disciplines and an array of Group 1 and Group 2 choices. Group 1 choices are considered most central to the desired outcomes above and may have prerequisites. Group 2 choices are related lower-level courses with important content. Group 2 choices are offered more frequently and can be used when Group 1 courses are unavailable or to facilitate a student’s progress toward timely completion of the minor. Students are advised to pursue a related outside internship or other experiential learning opportunity. Department internship credit awarded for such an experience may be applied to the completion of the minor.

The minor is coordinated by a tenured faculty member responsible for teaching a course from one of the contributing departments. The coordinator will review and approve any related internship credit applied toward the minor and sign off on needed substitutions or other exceptions to stated requirements. The coordinator will also approve and seek out opportunities for special topics courses related to the minor.

Minor Requirements

Foundation Course

4 credits

POSC 310 Political Participation

Group One Courses

8 credits

Choose two courses from the following:

  • MGT 331 Principles of Marketing
  • MGT 333 Advertising and Promotion
  • JRN 386 Public Relations Principles
  • JRN 486 Public Relations Practice
  • PSYC 221 Social Psychology
  • COMM 378 Persuasion

Group 2 Courses

8 credits

Choose two courses from the following:

  • ISPOSC 210 US Politics
  • MGT 140 Quantitative Decision Making
  • MGT 215 Accounting for Sustainable Business
  • MGT 301 Organizational Theory and Behavior
  • JRN 130 Writing for the Media
  • JRN 155 Digital Journalism
  • IHCOMM 171 Public Speaking
  • COMM 278 Group Interaction
  • MATH 141 Introductory Statistics
  • MATH 242 Applied Statistics
  • PHIL 340 Politics of Multiculturalism

Students may also be granted credit for Special Topic or Internship coursework with approval of Coordinator.