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Art & Design

Bachelor of Arts

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B.A. Studio Option

  1. Professional presentation of artwork: Presentation of students' artwork meets professional standards and expectations.
  2. Skill with materials: Student artwork demonstrates proficiency with use of chosen media and indicates a breadth of materials experience.
  3. Skill with concepts: Student artwork demonstrates competence and understanding of color, line, shape, form, etc. and composition.
  4. Creativity and originality: Student work has an unique quality with creative elements, demonstrates risk taking, imagination and innovation.
  5. Consistency: Student work has a cohesive and unified quality regarding technical and advanced conceptual issues.
  6. Artistic maturity: Subject matter explored indicates artistic development appropriate to senior-level coursework.

B.A. Graphic Design Option

  1. Research and concepts: Student work demonstrates ability to problem solve, think critically, and create effective visual concepts.
  2. Proficiency with Typography: Student work demonstrates a basic understanding of typography.
  3. Design Strength: Student work demonstrates an ability to use the elements, principles and methodologies of graphic design to produce meaningful visual messages.
  4. Technical Understanding: Student work demonstrates technical proficiency in the use of professional design software packages.
  5. Knowledge of Graphic Design: Student work demonstrates a general understanding of historical contexts of graphic design.
  6. Presentation: Student demonstrates the ability to document her/his graphic design process and products in a portfolio of work.