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Bachelor of Science

The Architecture major at Keene State College is a pre-professional four-year program designed to give students a solid foundation in the artistic, scientific, and technical aspects of architecture. The curriculum offers a range of courses in studio design, building science, sustainable design, history/theory, digital technology, and practice.

The education of KSC architecture majors, grounded in the liberal arts, focuses on teaching students to become effective, creative problem solvers with the tools to adapt and evolve their career paths to meet the needs of a rapidly changing world. Graduates in architecture are prepared to pursue graduate study or transition directly into careers in architecture, planning, building science, construction management, environmental design, design-build, or other related professions.

Integrative Studies Requirements

40 credits minimum

Major Requirements

56 credits

Core Courses

36 credits required

ARCH 180 Introduction to Architectural Design
ARCH 230 Architectural Design I
ARCH 260 Sustainable Design and Building Science
ARCH 270 Commercial Construction
ARCH 280 Architectural Design II
ARCH 330 Architectural Design III
ARCH 350 Architectural History I
ARCH 355 Architectural History II
ARCH 370 Architectural Systems

Architecture Electives

Select a minimum of 8 credits

  • ARCH 120 ARCH Visualization/Communication
  • ARCH 220 Architectural Representation
  • ARCH 275 Residential Construction
  • ARCH 290 Special Topics
  • ARCH 320 Advanced Architectural Representation
  • ARCH 360 Solar Design and Building Science II
  • ARCH 375 Statics and Structural Analysis
  • ARCH 380 Architectural Design IV
  • ARCH 430 Architectural Design V
  • ARCH 435 Portfolio Design
  • ARCH 490 Advanced Special Topics
  • ARCH 498 Independent Study

Architecture Capstone

4 credits

ARCH 480 Senior Design Project

Architecture Allied Requirements

IAART 103 Three-Dimensional Design
MATH 120 Applied Algebra and Trigonometry (or any higher level MATH)


Students are encouraged to take ARCH 494 Advanced Cooperative Education.

Minor/Additional Electives

Select additional courses of your choice to bring total number of credits earned to 120. Students are encouraged to complete a minor or an organized cluster of courses related to their career interests.

Degree Requirements

120 credits
40 credits at the upper-level