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Bachelor of Arts
School of Sciences, Sustainability, and Health

The Anthropology/Sociology Major prepares students for the social and professional demands of living in an increasingly multicultural world. Our students examine what it means to be human, how we evolved physically and developed culturally over time, how society and culture influence behavior, and how culture provides a lens through which people understand and interpret their world. While we in anthropology and sociology teach about particular cultures and societies, this is accomplished by examining patterns of behavior using a comparative method. Learning is based on empirical investigation which emphasizes observation skills, participation, and critical analysis to create knowledge necessary for understanding these differing behaviors and worldviews. A primary focus of the major is its ability to help students develop a set of practical skills and conceptual tools necessary for continuing to learn about other cultures, sub-cultures, and societies after they leave college.

Integrative Studies Requirements

40 credits minimum

Major Requirements

44 credits

ISANTH 110 Cultural Anthropology
ISANTH 111 Archeology and Physical Anthropology
MATH 141 Introductory Statistics
ISSOC 125 Introduction to Sociology
SOC 301 Sociological Research Methods ANTH 313 Anthropological Theory
ANTH 430 Ethnographic Research Methods

ISANTH 110, ISANTH 111, ISSOC 125, SOC 301, ANTH 313, and ANTH 430 must be completed with a grade of "C" or better. Courses may be retaken once to meet this requirement. If, after taking the course a second time, a student has not achieved the required grade, the student should meet with the student's advisor or the department chair to discuss implications.

  • Four (4) credits in Anthropology (ANTH/ISANTH) at 200-level or higher.
  • Four (4) credits in Sociology (SOC/ISSOC) at 200-level or higher.
  • Four (4) credits in Anthropology (ANTH/ISANTH) at 300-level or higher.
  • Four (4) credits in Sociology (SOC/ISSOC) at 300-level or higher.

Students may not combine an Anthropology/Sociology major with the Sociology major to create a dual major. Students who wish to do more advanced study in Sociology should take the Sociology major.

Certification as a Social Studies Teacher

Anthropology/Sociology is an approved major for students seeking Secondary Social Studies certification. Students will need to take the following additional certification requirements:

Dual Major in Education

  • Secondary Education

Requirements for Certification

IHHIST 161 American Encounters to 1877
IHHIST 162 American Encounters from 1877
IHHIST 111 The Ancient and Medieval World
IHHIST 112 The Modern World
ISECON 104 Introduction to Macroeconomics
ISGEOG 101 World Regional Geography
ISPSYC 101 General Psychology

Select one of the following:

  • ISPOSC 210 United States Politics (This course also applies to the A&H and/or Social Studies area of the American Studies major)
  • ISPOSC 220 Global Politics


Select courses to reach a total of 120 credits for the degree.

Honors Program

Motivated students completing the Anthropology/Sociology major may participate in an advanced program of research culminating in graduation with Honors in Anthropology/Sociology. Students electing to participate in this program complete all requirements for the Anthropology/Sociology major plus 8 credits of ANTH 499 Senior Honors Thesis during the two semesters of the senior year.

Admission to the Honors Program is based on:

  1. Self-nomination after completion of 80 credits with an overall and major GPA of 3.50 or above.
  2. Support of an Honors Committee consisting of a faculty sponsor and two other faculty members, one of whom may be from a department other than Anthropology. The Honors Committee will interview the student prior to enrollment in ANTH 499 and notify successful applicants of their admission prior to enrollment.
  3. Completion of, or enrollment in, at least five anthropology courses, including two 300-level ANTH electives. Final admission requires successful completion of those Anthropology courses enrolled in at the time of application for admission to the Honors Program.

At the end of the senior year, each participant:

  1. Submits a final written report on the Honors work for approval by his or her Honors Committee.
  2. Presents the results of his or her work and responds to questions about the project and its relationship to the larger body of sociological knowledge, in a colloquium open to the public.
  3. The student's Honors Committee votes on whether or not to accept the Honors project.

Students successfully completing all facets of the Honors Program and having an overall and major GPA of 3.50 or above in Anthropology/Sociology will graduate with Honors in Anthropology/Sociology.

Degree Requirements

120 credits