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American Studies

School of Arts, Education, and Humanities

Effective fall 2021, there will be no admission to the program for both current and prospective students as this program is on administrative hold.

20 credits

Minor Requirements

Choose two of the following courses:

  • IHAMST 140 What is American Studies?
  • IHAMST 248 Introduction to Indigenous Cultures of the Americas
  • IIAMST 250 Interpreting American Cultures

Select two of the following courses from AMST Cultures, Contexts, and Diversity options

  • AMST 350 Perspectives in American Culture
  • IIAMST 370 American Biography
  • IHAMST 372 Readings in American Studies
  • IIAMST 375 American Cultural Studies
  • AMST 390 Critical Approaches
  • IIAMST 391 Interdisciplinary Topics in American Studies
  • IIWGS 300 Critical Ethnic Studies
  • WGS 302 Queer Theories
  • WGS 303 Latina Feminist Theories

Take one of the following courses:

  • AMST 490 Advanced Special Topics
  • AMST 495 Seminar