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Sustainable Product Design and Innovation

IITDS140 Media Literacy: Seeing and Selling

Explore the promotion of world views through the power of visual communications. Apply the tools of many different academic fields to "see more" and become more visually and media literate. Develop interdisciplinary creative problem-solving skills, build your academic portfolio, and contribute to a collaborative service-learning project. Four-hour seminar. Fall.

IITDS150 Technology and Civilization

This course is a multidisciplinary exploration of technology that encourages students to assess the intended and unintended consequences of technical solutions through cultural, scientific, technological, economic, social, and political lenses. Students will research self-selected topics to understand current issues and to select socially responsible solutions. Four-hour seminar. Spring.

IITDS160 Peak Oil and Sustainable Solutions

Apply tools of many different disciplines to explore national and international issues surrounding "Peak Oil" - impacts of dwindling supplies of fossil fuels, environmental and social costs of energy conversion processes, national energy polices, and grassroots activism. Develop interdisciplinary problem-solving skills by promoting sustainable solutions in a service-learning project. Four-hour seminar. Spring.