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Safety and Occupational Health Applied Sciences

ISSAFE101 Safety Awareness

Studies the impact of accidents, develops strategies to eliminate, mitigate accident outcomes through education and awareness. Identifies factors associated with activities at school, home, and work that result in accidents. By applying this knowledge people can make informed decisions leading to minimum risk and maximum success. Not open to Safety majors with more than 12 credits in SOHAS. Fall, spring.

INSAFE213 Safety Chemistry

Lecture-lab survey course of introductory chemistry principles applied for professionals in, but not limited to, the safety field. Topics covered span from a basic understanding of matter to the properties of gases and chemical effects on biological and environmental processes. Knowledge of basic algebra is mandatory. 3.5 hour lecture, 1.5 hour laboratory. Prerequisites: MATH 120. Fall, Spring.

ISSAFE320 Hospital Safety

This course is designed for students with an interest in exploring the complex nature of health risks in the hospital environment. Because this environment is dynamic, the emphasis of the course is critical thinking, developing and expanding hazard assessment skills, and the wider impact of hospital exposures to infectious and chemical hazards on the healthcare worker, the patient, and the surrounding community. Prerequisites: 24 credits in ISP, including ITW 101 and QL.