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INPHYS141 College Physics I

Algebra-based introduction to Newtonian mechanics. Emphasis on conceptual understanding and problem-solving: motion, forces, Newton's laws applied to both linear and rotational situations, momentum, energy, and conservation laws. Knowledge of algebra and trigonometry are expected. A math competency assessment is administered. Includes two-hour laboratory. Fall, Spring.

INSTEM142 Discovering STEM

Introduction to the history and concepts of STEM education using a transdisciplinary, hands-on, problem-based learning approach. As a community of learners students will explore how, in educational settings, disciplinary knowledge and practices from each of the STEM fields (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) can be applied to complex real-world problems.

INPHYS201 Phenomenal Science

A hands-on, minds-on inquiry-based exploration of the basic physical principles that underlie our observations and experiences in the everyday world. Topics include motion, forces, energy, fluids, sound, heat, light, electricity, magnetism, and the atom. Ideal for preservice teachers. Prerequisite: One course that meets the QL requirement or by permission of the instructor. Fall, Spring.

INPHYS241 University Physics I

The first semester of a three-semester calculus-based sequence for science and technology majors. Emphasized are kinematics, forces, both static and dynamic, energy and momentum, gravitation, thermal physics, and thermodynamics. Includes a two-hour laboratory. Spring.

IIPHYS305 The Physics of Music

An interdisciplinary exploration of how analyses of the physics of sound aid our understanding of music. Students will learn how sound is created, sustained, amplified; how limits in human physiology shape approaches to music; and how physical properties of instruments relate to tone quality and give insight into different genres of music. Prerequisites: 24 credits in ISP, including ITW 101 and QL. Fall.