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Environmental Studies

IIENST110 Food, Health, and the Environment

This interdisciplinary course explores the connection between food choices and food production systems and their impact on public health and the environment. Considering social, political, economic, and ethical factors, students will compare different agricultural systems and assess the ecological footprint and sustainability of our daily decisions of what to eat. Fall, Spring.

IIENST150 Global Environmental Change

Students will gain a basic scientific understanding of the Earth's major physical and biological systems within the context of global environmental issues, and will also explore global environmental change and potential solutions from interdisciplinary economic, ethical, political, and social perspectives. Fall, Spring.

IIENST151 The Environment of Central New England

Introduces the geology and ecology, the natural and human history, and the social systems and governance structures that shape our regional environment. Explores the concept of place using interdisciplinary approaches, including hands-on field work, to prepare students to become responsible environmental stewards of the places where they live. Fall.

ISENST350 Energy Policy and Politics

Covers the policies and politics that shape the energy system of today. We examine legislation, policy, and political controversies about fossil fuels, nuclear, and renewables. Our focus is both historical and contemporary and primarily centered on the United States. This course is offered completely on-line. Prerequisites: 24 credits in ISP including ITW 101 and QL.

ISENST382 Environmental Advocacy

This course explores how environmental advocates work to implement changes to protect the natural world and the public. Theories of social power and personal empowerment, ethical perspectives, diverse models of mobilization, advocacy roles and tools, and various forms of media will be studied as ways to support an advocacy campaign. Prerequisites: 24 credits in ISP, including ITW 101 and QL course. Fall.