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ISANTH110 Cultural Anthropology

Introduction to anthropological knowledge and understanding of human cultures and societies. Cross-cultural comparison and review of tribal and industrialized societies. Application of anthropological concepts to provide understanding of other cultures and one's own culture. Fall, Spring.

ISANTH111 Archeology and Physical Anthropology

An introduction to the biological and cultural evolution of human beings. In addition to the prehistoric record, the course will cover primatology, human variation, and problems of theory and practice in archeology. Fall, Spring.

ISANTH314 Archaeology of the Americas

In-depth examination of cultural change and culture process in prehistoric societies in the Americas. The course begins with the first appearance of humans in the Americas and ends with the arrival of the first European explorers and includes multiple theoretical perspectives on prehistoric behavior from the social sciences. Prerequisites: 24 credits in ISP, including ITW 101 and QL. Fall, odd years.

ISANTH320 Magic, Witchcraft, and Religion

This course will provide a holistic and comparative approach to the study of religious beliefs and practices. Students will explore magical and religious behavior, ritual, myth, shamanism, curing, spirit possession, ancestor worship, witchcraft, and millennial and counter-cultural movements in a variety of tribal and state societies. Prerequisites: 24 credits in ISP, including ITW 101 and QL, and one course from the IS category.