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American Studies

IHAMST140 What Is American Studies?

Explores historical and contemporary issues from American culture(s). Topics may include nationhood, identity, and cultural production. Annually.

IHAMST248 Intro to Indigenous Cultures of the Americas

Introduction to studies of Indigenous peoples in the Americas and their cultures. Students engage questions concerning indigenous peoples’ relationships to the legal, historical, and philosophical constructs invested in the United States and other American nation states. Investigations draw upon literature, music, and visual art as well as scholarly works. Fall

IIAMST250 Interpreting American Cultures

An examination of a particular aspect of American cultures with an emphasis on developing a critical method appropriate to the interdisciplinary use of texts and other cultural artifacts. Prerequisite: ITW 101 or its equivalent. Annually.

IIAMST370 American Biography

Interdisciplinary course examines selected biographies of Americans and American-identified figures from historical and literary perspectives. Readings contextualize developments in American culture and society (writ large) from 1492 to the present. Intended for nonmajors. Includes autobiographies. Prerequisite: 24 ISP credits, including ITW 101 and QL. Annually.

IHAMST372 Readings in American Studies

Examines primary, theoretical, and critical materials related to American Studies. May engage historical, philosophical, artistic, and literary issues in American culture(s). Prerequisites: 24 credits in ISP, including ITW 101 and QL. Annually.

IIAMST375 American Cultural Studies

Interdisciplinary exploration of a specific aspect or area of American culture employing methods drawn from the field of American Studies. Course moves toward the question: "What is American?" Readings consider phenomena defining American culture(s) and social structure(s), engaging theoretical, historical, and aesthetic materials. Intended for nonmajors. Prerequisite: 24 ISP credits, including ITW 101 and QL. Annually.

IIAMST391 Interdisciplinary Topics in American Studies

Course employs perspectives from the interdisciplinary field of American Studies to examine particular social, cultural, political, phenomena related to United States and/or American identity. Topical inquiries made using methods/approaches from academic disciplines such as history, ethnic studies, geography, musicology or literary studies. Prerequisite: 24 credits in ISP including ITW 101 and QL. Spring.