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Women's and Gender Studies

IIWGS101 Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies

This course is designed to introduce students to the key issues, questions, and debates in the interdisciplinary field of Women's and Gender Studies. Central to the course will be a focus on the social construction of identity and the myriad ways in which gender, race, class, sexuality, and nationality work to constitute people's experiences. Fall, Spring.

IIWGS145 Complexities of Masculinities

An interdisciplinary examination across social sciences, history and gender studies of men’s diverse experiences in the U.S.A. It approaches and explores the relationships between multiple social categorizations such as gender/trans, race/ethnicity, class, sexual orientation, nation, physical abilities and men’s lives. Spring.

IIWGS210 Reproductive Justice

An interdisciplinary examination of reproductive justice in the U.S. and other countries. Drawing on concepts from critical race theory, critical legal theory, and feminist theory, among others, students will explore the history informing ideas about reproduction, including eugenics, abortion debates, inequality in access to reproductive services, and similar topics. Prerequisites: ITW 101.

IIWGS220 Starved or Stuffed

When the body is read as text, eating disorders are manifestations of cultural ideas that communicate to the self and the masses. This interdisciplinary course examines eating disorders through the optic of feminism, taking into consideration feminist discourse, theories of consumption and subjectivity formation, psychology, sociology, and literary analyses. Prerequisites: ITW 101. Fall.

IIWGS235 Approaches to Latinidades

Introduction to issues and approaches across film, social sciences, literature, queer and gender studies about Latinidades, which refers to a shared sense of a “Latino/Hispanic” identity. Topics considered include language and multiracial identity, citizenship, popular culture, race/ethnicity representation, Latino critical theory and migration among others. Prereq: ITW 101 or permission of the instructor. Fall.

IIWGS240 Race, Gender, Sexuality, and Pop Culture

We take an interdisciplinary approach to studying representations of race and ethnicity, gender, sexuality, and other social identities in popular culture. Using literature from cultural studies, queer studies, ethnic studies, communication, sociology, and other disciplines, we explore dominant ideologies and how they are perpetuated (or not) in media products. Prerequisites: ITW 101. Fall.

IHWGS290 Topics in Women's and Gender Studies

Humanities-based study of a specific issue or topic within the field of Women's and Gender Studies. May be repeated for credit as topics change. Fall, Spring, odd years.

IIWGS290 Topics in Women's and Gender Studies

Interdisciplinary study of a specific issue or topic within the field of Women's and Gender Studies. Students will develop skills in critical reading and critical thinking. May be repeated for credit as topics change. Prerequisites: ITW 101. Offered occasionally.

WGS291 Topics in Women's and Gender Studies

Study of a key issue or topic within the field of Women's and Gender Studies. May be repeated for credit as topics change. Prerequisite: ITW 101. Offered Occasionally.

WGS298 Independent Study

1-4 credits

An opportunity for a qualified student to develop and complete an innovative project under the supervision of a Women's and Gender Studies faculty member on a topic not currently offered. Proposals must be submitted to the Women's and Gender Studies Department by the student for review before the start of the course.

IIWGS300 Critical Ethnic Studies

This class will investigate interdisciplinary concepts and theories that analyze ethnic group experiences and their relation to colonization, immigration, and issues of identity, both in the United States and globally. Prerequisites: 24 credits in ISP including ITW 101 and QL course.

WGS301 Transnational Feminist Theories

In this course, we will study the gender systems that shape people’s lives across cultures and countries. We will examine a variety of global processes and approaches, such as colonialism and globalization, and develop a framework for thinking at the intersections of identity, politics, culture, and knowledge in order to explore the complex and contested ways in which multiple economic, political, and cultural institutions affect people’s lives globally. Prerequisite: IIWGS 101, or Permission by Instructor. Fall, Odd Years.

WGS302 Queer Theories

Queer studies provide a range of theoretical approaches that challenge fixed, essentialist identities, drawing attention to incoherencies in the allegedly stable sex/gender system. Placing a variety of queer theories in their historical context, this interdisciplinary course will provide a survey of contemporary arguments and critical terms used in the field. Prerequisite: Take IIWGS 101. Spring.

WGS303 Latina Feminist Theories

This class is an interdisciplinary examination of Latina feminist theories, drawing from history, epistemology, third-world feminisms, creative nonfiction literature, and art performances. The course is organized around the following issues: colonization, immigration, globalization, critical race theory, sexism, and Latina image representation. Prerequisites: IIWGS 101. Offered every other fall.

WGS304 Feminist Media Theory

We take an interdisciplinary approach to studying the media using theories from cultural studies, communication, sociology, psychology, and other fields. We examine various media artifacts (TV shows, commercials, movie clips) in class. Students use appropriate theories to write a research paper on their choice of media-related topic. Prerequisite: IIWGS 101. Occasionally.

WGS340 Gender and the Law

Examines the myriad ways law and policy affect our lives, from hiring practices to the creation and dissolution of family, from crime to sports and education through the lenses of legal theories that promise the most fair creation and application of law. This course is cross-listed with CJS 340. Prerequisite: CJS 240. Spring

WGS490 Advanced Topics in Women's and Gender Studies

Advanced interdisciplinary study of theoretical perspectives within Women's and Gender Studies. Students will develop skills in critical reading and critical thinking. May be repeated for credit as topics change. Prerequisites: One 300-level WGS course or permission of instructor.

WGS495 Capstone in Women's and Gender Studies

Students will explore the relationships among knowledge, power, and identities as they research a question related to women's, gender, and/or queer studies. The specific course topic will depend on the professor's and students' interests. Prerequisite: Take one from WGS 301, WGS 302, WGS 303, or WGS 304, or permission of instructor. Spring.

WGS497 Internship

2-4 credits

An opportunity for qualified students to work on a practicum internship course that must address issues of gender, LGBTQ+, race/ethnicity, among others under supervision of a Women’s Studies faculty. Prerequisite: one WGS Theory course (WGS 301, WGS 302, WGS 303, or WGS 304) and permission of instructor. Fall odd years.

WGS498 Advanced Independent Study

1-4 credits

Independent reading and writing on an approved topic under direction of a Women's and Gender Studies faculty member. Prerequisite: Permission of instructor.