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Downtown Keene, NH

KSC Shuttle and Getting Around Campus

Getting Around at Keene State and the City of Keene

Walking and Biking

Keene State and the City of Keene are easily walk-able and bike-able. Both have plenty of bike racks and the City has an excellent trail system. There is a pedestrian Bridge which provides a safe crossing over Route 9/101.

City Express Shuttle:

The City Express Shuttle runs from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm Monday through Friday. There are 2 routes providing transportation to Cheshire Medical Center, Colony Mill, West Street Plaza, YMCA, etc. Check the City Express schedule for stops & times.

The City Express Shuttle service is $1.00 per ride with other options available depending on frequency.

Transportation to Cheshire Medical Center The City Express bus provides transportation to the Cheshire Medical Center for appointments and non-emergency services. Riders can take the City Express Shuttle, Bus #1 from the shuttle stop at Walmart. The ride time to the hospital is approximately 20 minutes, the return trip is approximately 40 minutes. Riders should account for these times in their scheduling plans.

Safety Escorts

Available 24 hours a day, Campus Safety officers provide personal safety escorts to campus community members. These escorts are provided on foot or by vehicle, and are limited to on campus only.

Call 603-358-2228

Important Information about Safety Escorts

  • When you call for a Safety Escort you must provide your name; exact location and destination.
  • Transportation will not be provided to parties, restaurants, bars, etc. Alcohol or controlled substances shall not be transported in KSC vehicles. *Where a Campus Safety Officer observes a violation of College policy or criminal law, the appropriate authorities will be notified; however, the KSC Good Samaritan Policy may be recognized.
  • Service requests can be refused or abated for verbal or physical abuse, severe intoxication (the police or EMS will be contacted), abuse of the service, or any circumstance that compromises the health and safety of the driver or passengers
  • Safety Escorts may be delayed or cancelled due to weather, vehicle maintenance, personnel shortages, or priority assignments
  • Non-emergency medical transportation (to appointments, etc.) should be arranged through the City Express, local taxi or ride share services.

Contact Campus Safety

603-358-2228 24/7, 365 days a year, not monitored 24/7

Parking Services

Christopher Buckley
Director of Campus Safety & Compliance

Keddy House
Open 24 hours/day year round
Administrative Office
Monday – Friday: 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.