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Safe Space


KSC Safe Space

Safe Space is a cooperative at Keene State College dedicated to increasing awareness through education about issues related to minoritized sexual and gender identities and embodiments.

Faculty, staff, students, and community members are given resources to be active voices for understanding and acceptance.

To achieve its mission, Safe Space will maintain an updated website with educational and informative resources, maintain an active cohort of Safe Space facilitators, and hold Safe Space workshops for faculty, staff, students, and other community members each semester, or when requested.

Safe Space is dedicated to:

  • Appreciating sexual and gender diversity to visibly enrich and enliven the campus community.
  • Self-education and providing workshops on issues related to minoritized sexual and gender identities and embodiments.
  • Improving the campus environment and the lives of students through personal contributions.
  • Being connected to other campus and community support networks.
  • Providing safe, confidential, non-judgmental support.
  • Counteracting violence, intimidation, and harassment.
  • Treating each person with the dignity and respect to which they are entitled as human beings.

Committee Members

Sasha Davis, Associate Professor of Environmental Studies, Geography, and Sustainability
Jo Dery, Associate Professor of Film
Hunter Kirschner, Coordinator of LGBTQ+ Student Support (Committee Coordinator)
Kim Lauffer, Assistant Professor of Journalism, Multimedia, and Public Relations
Caitlyn Parmelee, Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Celia Rabinowitz, Dean of Mason Library
Emily Robins Sharpe, Associate Professor of English

Workshop Request Form

Please complete the below fields with the appropriate information to request a Safe Space Workshop for your office, department, group, or organization.

Please Note: Though we will attempt to accommodate all timely requests, we cannot guarantee that we will be available for every program. For best results, please make requests at least two weeks in advance of the date requested.

For more information, please reach out to Hunter Kirschner, Coordinator of the Safe Space Committee, at or (603) 358-2639.

Contact Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

Dottie Morris
Associate Vice President for Diversity and Inclusion
☎ 603-358-2206
Hale Building 103A
Mailstop: M/S 1501