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eMentoring F.A.Q.

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Who can be a KSC eMentoring Network Mentor?

A KSC eMentoring Network Mentor is a Keene State College alumnus or Keene State College Parent who has volunteered to share their professional experiences in one-on-one partnerships with KSC students and alums.


What do mentors help mentees with?

There are unlimited reasons why a mentee may reach out to a particular mentor. Here are just a few examples of possible partnerships:

  • Relocation advice
  • Selecting a specific major
  • Possible careers with a degree
  • Networking & professional connections
  • After college transitioning
  • Advice on entering a career field
  • Learning about a specific job
  • Experiences in a career field
  • Resume review / interview help
  • Starting a job search

How much time do I need to put aside for the mentoring partnership?

The time allotted is dependent on each individual connection. When beginning a mentorship, we recommend establishing expectations for both the mentor, and the mentee. One expectation to discuss could be how much time each person should spend on the relationship.

Some connections can last a short amount of time, such as a mentee asking questions about a possible major. Other connections can span a longer amount of time, for example, when a mentee is preparing for a job search.


Can I be both a mentor and a mentee?

It is possible for alumni and parents to be both a mentor and a mentee. While everyone is registered in the network as a mentee, alumni and parents have the option to become a mentor.


How many mentors can I have?

There can be a maximum of five connections per mentee.


How many mentees can I have?

While the mentor sets how many mentees he/she can have, we recommend starting with a maximum of five mentees. Once the mentor sees how the partnerships develop, he/she can have a better understanding of how many connections they can maintain.


I have yet to be contacted by a possible mentee, what should I do?

There are a few reasons you may have yet to be contacted. Depending on the time of year, students may not be actively looking for a mentor. As the school year progresses, we expect more students to become actively engaged with the network. We also recommend checking your mentor profile.

Mentees can search for both broad subjects, and very specific subjects. It is important to highlight both in your profile, so you can be included in a variety of searches conducted by the mentee.

If you have not heard from a mentee in three months, please email us at


Is it possible to end a mentoring partnership?

Yes. Once the partnership has run its course, either party has the capability is an option to break the connection. The link for the option is located on the right hand side of your personal account homepage.

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