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Frankie Brackley Tolman ‘74, "Florabunda"

Owl Artists 2021

Above: “Florabunda” by Frankie Brackley Tolman ‘74

3rd Annual Owl Artists Fly Home - Reunion 2021


October 2-9, 2021


Saturday, October 2 from 3:30-5 pm

Owl Artists Fly Home will flow into a second celebration in honor of the David E. White Children’s Literature Collection at 5 pm. You are invited to stay to enjoy both receptions and exhibits. Refreshments will be served.

Register online to attend Owl Artists and/or the David E. White celebration here.


Brian Bohannon ‘99, A Piece of Swanzey
Medium: Ambrosia maple wood

Cheryl Bencivenga ‘84, By the Sea
Medium: Acrylic
Contact for sales:

Claudia Borden ‘95, Chaos 3
Medium: Mixed
Contact for sales: $2,000, text or call (774) 212-3430 or email

Jamie Boyatsis ‘16, Ruger
Medium: Acrylic on canvas
Contact for sales:

Kate Cote ‘07, Gannet
Medium: Acrylic
Contact for sales:

Louise Dierker ‘96, 4 Seasons for Solo Harp and Fixed Media
Medium: Video
Contact for sales:

Alicia Drakiotes ‘87

Tim Dunn ‘64, Twain’s Chair
Medium: Letterpress printing
Contact for sales:

Robert Fowler ‘05, Space Chase
Medium: Mixed
Contact for sales: This piece shows a completed version of the board game Space Chase. It is not for sale, but the game itself is available at

Nichole Hastings ‘99, Nature’s First Green
Medium: mixed
Contact for sales (other works, this piece is not for sale):

Carol Garcia Landry ‘75, In the Eyes of the Beholder
Medium: Photography
Contact for sales:

Elaine Landry’66, Monadnock Dawn
Medium: Watercolor

Aaron Lipsky ‘68, Here’s Looking at You
Medium: Photographic collage
Contact for sales:

Virginia (Brinsdon) Matthews ‘95, Omnivores can eat more!
Medium: Board book
Contact for sales:

Christine Maugeri ‘74

Michael Reilly ‘90, Charlie Christian
Medium: Casein
Contact for sales:

Kathy Schillemat ‘06, Stonewall and Wall of Stone
Medium: Pen on shelf mushroom
Contact for sales:

Charlie Sheaff ‘72, Butternut Tree Bowl
Medium: Wood
Contact for sales: or (603) 313-1138

Frankie Brackley Tolman ‘74, Dappled
Medium: Acrylic on canvas
Contact for sales: or (603) 827-3732

Christie Valihura ‘05, 2 Fish Swimming
Medium: Acrylic
Contact for sales:

Herb Werden ‘60, Poppies
Medium: Pastel

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