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For Transfer Students

Transfer students are required to attend the Owl Orientation program in June 2021 (for FA21 admits)! In order to register for Owl Orientation you must complete the following:

Hootie’s How To List:

  1. Pay your enrollment service fee
  2. Set up your KSC NetID and Email. An email will be sent to you from the HelpDesk (this may take up to 48 hours from when you pay your fee)
  3. You will receive an email from Orientation
  4. Submit your Housing & Dining Application
  5. Submit required Health Forms
  6. Submit a photo for your Owl Card

All new students must complete Hootie’s How To’s. Click Here to begin.

Are you considered a transfer student at Keene State College?

The following F.A.Q. strives to answer this and other questions.

What is a transfer student?

Any applicant who has completed 12 or more college credits post-high school or GED completion.

Who is not a transfer student?

Students who have not been admitted or enrolled in a college or university after graduating high school but may have Advanced Placement credits, International Baccalaureate credits or Running Start credits (college credit earned while in high school) are not considered transfer students.

If you are considered a transfer student at Keene State College…

Whether you are entering Keene State College in the spring or fall there are a few “Hootie’s How To’s” that you will need to complete once your enrollment service fee is paid.

How Do I Get Started?

Soon after you have paid your enrollment fee you will receive a communication from Academic and Career Advising (ACA).

Academic & Career Advising will ask you to submit a Registration Data Form (RDF) that will assist Academic Advisors in registering you for up to 12-16 credits in your academic major. They use the information you provide them and your transcripts from other colleges to craft a spring or fall schedule that will move you toward degree completion.

An advisor will email you a packet of information and a personalized letter once your registration up to 12-16 credits is complete. You will then register online for any additional courses needed.

Do transfer students need to attend Orientation?

Fall Transfer Students. Transfer students are required to attend Owl Orientation(June). Owl Orientation is a wonderful opportunity to meet faculty/staff and review the classes you are currently registered in.

Spring Transfer Students. Transfer students are required to attend the January Orientation Program. It is a one day program held the weekend before classes begin. It is an opportunity to learn more about campus resources, meet new students and upperclass students, and meet staff.

Contact Orientation Staff

For general orientation questions, contact our office:

☎ 603-358-2869