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Many of the materials on subsequent pages are from the 2014 Orientation program and are being made available as a sample of what is included in the Orientation program and in the related materials. This site will be updated for the 2015 program in Spring, 2015. Come visit us again then.


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How are new students registered for classes?

This is a 3 step process:

  1. Incoming students indicate the area of their academic interest in their application.
  2. Students are then registered for 14-18 credits before they arrive for Orientation. You can view the schedule by using the information included in task #4. The courses new students are registered for have been selected by the department chair of the discipline in which the student has expressed an interest. If the student is undecided, faculty and the professional advising staff have selected courses that will both satisfy the Integrative Studies requirements and expose the student to potential areas of interest. The courses undecided students are registered for will apply to their overall graduation requirements regardless of the major the student ultimately selects.
  3. Schedule adjustments: from August 18-29, students will be able to adjust their schedule though we strongly urge students to delay making changes until they have a chance to talk with faculty and/or the professional advising staff. Students can make adjustments on their own or they can attend either of the two schedule adjustment sessions available during Orientation when professional and peer advisors will be available to assist.

How do I get an advisor?

New students will receive the name of their advisor at Orientation. If the student is joining KSC mid-year, the chair of the department associated with the student's educational goal will generally make the first contact.


How do I find an on-campus job?

With the aid of federal funds, the College provides on-campus employment opportunities for students with demonstrated financial need. Students who have received and accepted a College Work-Study (CWS) award will receive a CWS Authorization Card from Student Financial Services (SFS). The CWS Authorization Card is required for students to be hired for an on-campus position.

A job fair is held on Tuesday of the first week of classes in the Student Center at which students can find out about vacancies. After the first week of classes, check the job board in the SFS office in the Elliot Center.


How do I set up an account with a local bank?

Here is a listing of the local banks, as provided by the Keene Chamber of Commerce.


Who is required to live on campus?

All first year students and transfers with sophomore standing are required to live on campus unless granted an exception by the Director of Residential Life and Housing Services.

Exceptions will be considered for local students (within a 30 mile radius) commuting from home, married students, older students and students living with a local relative who is not currently a Keene State student.

Other exceptions may be made due to extenuating and mitigating circumstances related to health and safety issues.


When do new students receive their housing assignment?

Generally, five weeks before the beginning of housing assignments are emailed in mid-July for fall semester or about one week before the spring semester begins for students starting mid-year.


What meal plans are available?

All residential students are required to have the platinum meal plan. More information.


Can students have overnight guests in their residence hall rooms?

Yes, if all roommates agree. Hosts must register guests with the Residence Director residence hall staff.


What if roommates don't get along?

Residential Life staff are very well trained in helping students to work out difficulties or, if all other options are exhausted, to change room assignments. No room changes are permitted during the first two weeks of classes.


How do students who live on campus get their mail?

Each residential student is assigned a mailbox for the duration of his or her stay in campus housing. Mail Services is located on the second floor of the Student Center.

The preferred address format is this:

  * Student name
  * Mail Stop [number]
  * Keene State College
  * 229 Main Street
  * Keene, NH 03435-[Mail Stop number]

Is Mail Services open on weekends?

The service window is closed, but students still have access to their mailboxes.


How do I know if I have a package?

A signature slip will be placed in your mailbox. Take the slip and your ID card to the service window to pick up your package.


Can I mail packages from KSC?

Yes, we provide USPS, UPS, and FedEx service at our service window.


How safe is the KSC campus?

Keene State College is located in Keene, a quiet New England city of 23,000 residents with a very low crime rate. Because of our environment, we are not subject to most of the problems of a large city campus; however, we are not insulated from crime.


Does KSC offer safety escorts?

Yes, personal safety escorts are available on campus before and after shuttle hours. Escorts may walk or drive and are provided on a staff-available basis. There may be times when you are asked to wait at your location until an officer is available. If you are asked to wait in a parking lot, please remain in your vehicle with the doors locked until you see a Department vehicle or a Department of Campus Safety Officer. Flash your lights and the officer will come to you. Call the Department of Campus Safety at (603) 358-2228 or stop in to Grafton House to request an escort.


Can freshmen have cars on campus?

A key factor in helping our new students to be successful at KSC is for them to make new friends and to get involved in the many campus activities, events and groups that are available. Remaining on campus during the weekends gives new students plenty of time to socialize, rest and often, even study! For these reasons, only a very small number of parking permits are made available for first-year students. On July 7th, a message will be available on student’s MyKSC account informing them about the process first-year students can use to apply for one of the limited parking permits.


Do students need to purchase a computer? What about a printer?

The College recommends that students purchase a computer. Approximately 95 percent of Keene State College freshmen own their own computers.

Most KSC students chose laptop computers because they are portable and with wireless in every classroom, they can take them from library to classroom to study group to residence hall rooms.

The public labs on campus provide laser printers for student use, and students will typically use these printers when/if they need high-speed or high-quality laser printing. Many students still find it helpful to have a personal inkjet or low-end laser printer in their room.


What technical support and technology services are provided to students?

The IT Group HelpDesk provides students with technical support for:

  • issues with connecting to the campus wired and wireless networks
  • installing and configuring the KSC provided anti-virus
  • assistance registering on the network
  • using the online student portal MyKSC
  • using the online course service BlackBoard
  • telephone and voice mail services
  • media and cable television services

The HelpDesk also provides on-site support for campus specific technical situations, and will provide limited telephone assistance for required software and network issues. Students can find technical support and information online at the HelpDesk online, and can get computer and network tip sheets at the HelpDesk office in Elliot Hall on the second floor.


Does the college provide space on the KSC network for students to save their work?

Yes, MyKSC provides students with 1GB of file storage space where documents can be stored safely. This allows them to access their documents from any computer that has access to the web. Students should also consider additional file storage devices such as a flash drive, external hard drive or burning to a CD/DVD. Having a backup of important documents will protect you if you ever experience computer issues and cannot retrieve your information.


Is it easy to connect computers to the college network from Residence Halls?

Residence hall rooms provide network access through wired jacks. Each room has a computer connection for each resident. Students will need to register on the network and have anti-virus software installed on their computer. KSC provides antivirus software to students free of charge.

An RJ45 data cable and network interface card (NIC) is also required.

New next fall, some residences halls will have wireless access available. After you've received your housing assignment for next year, visit our wireless map [PDF] to see if you will be living in a wireless zone.

Contact the HelpDesk online or phone 603-358-2532 for more information and to obtain the necessary software.

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