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Planning for the Fall: Frequently Asked Questions

Keene State College is committed to helping students easily apply, and transition into college. Given recent changes and uncertainty due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Keene State has answered some questions you may have about applying, and what your first semester might be like.

Application Process and Plans for the Fall

Q. Is Keene State College planning to be open for face-to-face classes in the fall?

A. Yes. This planning does incorporate online coursework, so that we’re prepared to teach remotely in the fall, if needed.

Q. Is Keene State College still recruiting and accepting new students for fall 2020?

A. Yes. The deposit is June 1. However, Admissions will work with your individual situation. Please contact the Admissions Office with any concerns about meeting a deadline.

Grading Changes and Admission Requirements

Q. If a high school chooses to go Pass/No Pass, how will this be considered in my application to Keene State?

A. Going Pass/No Pass will not hurt your application. Keene State is committed to ensuring that nothing COVID-19-related will negatively impact enrollment or future enrollment, under any circumstances.

Q. What if I don’t pass all of my spring classes because of COVID-19 impacts? Will this negatively impact my application?

A. Keene State College would like to see you pass all classes. Given these trying times, consideration will be given to the extraordinary learning hurdle that you may have had to overcome to attend and pass classes in Spring 2020. This will be in effect any time we are looking at Spring 2020 grades on a transcript. This applies to all current high school juniors, sophomores, and freshmen as well as future transfer students.

Q. What impact will Pass/No Pass for this semester have on potential scholarships?

A. If you have Pass/No Pass grades for spring 2020, we will not calculate a Pass or No Pass into the GPA we use for calculation of merit-based scholarships. Due to the circumstances, we do not think it is fair to include a P (which is typically considered a 2.0) onto a GPA, as this will bring down a merit-based scholarship amount.

Q. Does it matter whether I CHOSE to get a Pass/No Pass for a course/classes vs. whether an entire school MANDATED the Pass/No Pass shift?

A. No. These are unprecedented times, and you should be making the choice that is best for you this spring semester.

Q. What if I am unable to get a final transcript from my college or high school?

A. We understand there may be delays in submitting final high school and college transcripts due to school closures. If you are unable to forward your final transcripts to Keene State by July 15, please contact the admissions office at We will work with you individually, but a final transcript will be required prior to the start of classes in the fall.

Credit Evaluation

Q. How will Keene State evaluate AP courses for credit?

A. To transfer credit for AP courses, you must send official transcripts from the authorizing agent. AP credit equivalencies can be found online at Keene State will award credit for the Spring 2020 shortened AP exams as we have awarded credit in the past.

Q. How will Keene State accept transfer credits that were taken Pass/No Pass?

A. Courses graded by Pass/No Pass or Credit/Non-Credit, if evidence is presented showing that the courses were completed with the appropriate level of academic achievement, will be awarded credit. Credits accepted for transfer will not be calculated into the GPA.

We hope this information is helpful to you. We are so proud of the incredible work our college community is doing to keep our students’ success at the center of everything we do – and we look forward to welcoming you to Keene State in the fall!

Contact Admissions

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