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Smart Start

Table of Contents

  1. Why Smart Start?
  2. Smart Start Syllabus
    1. Course Goals
    2. Learning Outcomes
    3. Evaluation
    4. Attendance
    5. Weekly Assignments
    6. Course Calendar
  3. Register for Smart Start

Why Smart Start?

Are you looking for a way to make the most of your college experience? Do you want to be a part of a community of first year students looking to take advantage of every opportunity available to them at Keene State College? We want to invite you to participate in Smart Start.

Smart Start is a 1 credit course that introduces students to the changes, challenges and choices that come with identifying your purpose as a college student. It is designed to connect first year students to opportunities and resources that promote academic and personal success.

Smart Start helps students like YOU….

  • Have a smoother transition from high school to college
  • Feel a sense of belonging at Keene State College
  • Connect with your peers both inside and outside of the classroom
  • Develop and strengthen techniques and skills to help you find academic and personal success
  • Network with faculty and staff across our campus

Smart Start Syllabus

College 101: College Success Strategies 2017

Course Goals

In this interactive 1 –credit college-level course, students will receive critical information to ease the challenging process of transitioning to college. The course covers three phases of study. First, students will develop mastery of a variety of topics critical to student success: time management, goal setting, learning styles, campus resources and policies, motivation, reading strategies, and test taking. Next, students will continue to develop their understanding of self as a college student, by honing their critical thinking skills in the context of course lessons on motivation, leadership, and co-curricular involvement. Finally, students will have completed readings on college success strategies and complete weekly graded writing assignments that demonstrate their understanding of course concepts.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course, you will:

  • Understand your rights and responsibilities as a college student and a member of a college community and be able to better advocate for yourself.
  • Identify your college going identity.
  • Be familiar with the academic structure and expectations of college.
  • Apply effective time management strategies and college-level study techniques.
  • Describe the resources and opportunities available at KSC.
  • Self-monitor your progress as a first semester college student and seek support when you need it.


Attendance (6 @ 2 point per class) 12 pts
Participation (6 @ 3 point per class) 18 pts
Assignments (6 @ 5 points each) 30 pts
Advising apt. w/faculty 15 pts
Focus 2 activity 15 pts
Attend campus event w/Smart Start peer 10 pts
TOTAL 100pts


Students are expected to attend all classes and class related required activities and events. Students are also expected to be on time to class. Attendance and participation are critical to your success in this course and others. If there is a need to miss class due to illness or an emergency, please notify your instructor. If you’re too sick to contact one of us, have a roommate, friend, or family member contact us. Following an unavoidable absence, please be in touch to find out what you missed and to check in about out-of-class assignments.

Participation & Classroom Etiquette

Participation involves being an active member of the group, coming to class prepared and ready to discuss topics and issues presented in class, and offering your opinions and insights. Students are expected to read any assigned materials prior to class. Written assignments are expected to be turned in on the due dates. Generally speaking, computers, tablets, etc. are not required for in-class work. .

Weekly Assignments

Each week you will be given an assignment or assignments to complete for the following class. These assignments will be based on the specific topics we have discussed in class. Please complete and turn in all assignments on time. Points will be deducted from assignments that are turned in late or not complete. Assignments will not be accepted a week beyond the due date. We will be utilizing Canvas, so if you have difficulty accessing this, please let us know in a timely manner.

If you need assistance or have concerns with ANY aspect of this class, please see contact your instructor as soon as possible.

Also, appropriate accommodations for a disability may be arranged by contacting Jane Warner or Lisa David in the Office of Disability Services at 358-2353. By contacting them immediately, we can collaborate to ensure that the proper resources and supports are in place to assist with your success.

Course Calendar

1.5 hours/week

Class Topic
Week 1 Introductions/review of syllabus/goal setting
Week 2 Student Involvement
Week 3 Academic Support, Assistive Technology and time management
Week 4 All About You (class about self)
Week 5 Upperclass Student and Faculty Panels
Week 6 Capstone and Presentations

Register for Smart Start

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