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Theatre Production Technical Assistant in Scene Shop:Carpentry, Electrics, Paint & Props

Category: Technical
Department: Theatre and Dance

Duties of Students within this classification:

  1. Work on Faculty Directed productions under the management of the Theatre & Dance Technical Director.
  2. Work may involve any number of disciplines such as carpentry/set construction, electrics (stage lighting), props fabrication, and painting.
  3. Students must have some theatre experience and applicants with technical skills may be preferred.
  4. A strong work ethic and level of commitment is important.
  5. Work is scheduled both in regular work periods but also REQUIRES work at critical production times such as load-in.
  6. Applicants must be able to work as team player and also be able to work alone on assigned projects.
  7. Maintenance on theatre equipment is also part of the work that will be completed.

Resume/Application is required. Hours may vary 4-8 per week. Please contact Craig Lindsay via email: or contact the department via telephone.

This position is exclusive to FWS eligible students, please verify that a FWS award was included in your financial aid package before applying.

Wage per Hour:


Contact Information:

Lindsay, Craig

If you have questions regarding your financial aid award or outstanding requirements please contact the financial aid office directly at 603-358-2280