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Tutor I

Category: Tutor / Peer Tutor
Department: Geology

QUALIFICATIONS: Student must have completed 20 credits in the Geology discipline with a minimum grade of B in each course. Prefer successful course completion of: INGEOL 151: Physical Geology GEOL 252: Evolution of the Earth GEOL 301: Mineralogy GEOL 302: Petrology OR GEOL 306: Sedimentation and Stratigraphy GEOL 309: Geomorphology OR GEOL 310: Glacial Geology

Resume required with Transcript

The qualified individual will assist students in introductory Geology courses (INGELO 151 AND GEOL 252) with their homework and lab completion.

Duties of Students within this classification:

  1. Hold weekly help sessions in Science 251 scheduled at a consistent time for 2 hours duration.
  2. Assist students with their introductory geology homework (INGEOL 151 and GEOL 252).
  3. Assist students in completing their Labs using materials stored in Science 251.

This position is exclusive to FWS eligible students, please verify that a FWS award was included in your financial aid package before applying.

Wage per Hour:


Contact Information:

Leger, Carol

Related Positions:

If you have questions regarding your financial aid award or outstanding requirements please contact the financial aid office directly at 603-358-2280