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Cell Phones and Other Wireless Communications Equipment Policy

Issued By: KSC Chief Financial Officer - Dr. Jay Kahn
Issued Date: July 2008

A. Summary. Faculty and staff are sometimes required to use cell phones and other wireless communication devices in the performance of their jobs. The cost of the business use of these devices can be significant. Such devices provided by employers for business purposes are capable of being used by employees for personal purposes and are considered by IRS to be "listed property" subject to IRS regulations. These devices have become a focal point in recent IRS audits.

B. Scope. This policy applies to Keene State College and is intended to supplement USNH cell phone policy.

C. Eligibility. KSC employees required to use cellular access and cellular access devices for business purposes will work with purchasing department to obtain appropriate cellular access plans. These devices provided by and paid for by KSC must be necessary for KSC business with no more than minor or incidental personal use by the employee. Furthermore, these devices must be for a business purpose that cannot be accommodated with a landline phone, pager, or other less expensive communication device and enable an employee to: Respond to emergency and/or health and safety situations whereby staffs are required to be available 7x24. Such as; campus safety, IT support, building and grounds maintenance, health and counseling services, residential life, etc… Remain in contact with others due to the requirements of the job, such as frequent business-related travel. The department director is responsible for identifying and documenting jobs that require use of cell phones and other wireless communication devices, and for indicating the type of device and service appropriate to meet business needs. All such devices must be approved in writing by a KSC Principal Administrator. An annual review of the business purpose must be completed by the department and approved by the department director in consultation with Human Resources.

D. Payment. KSC will pay 100% for cell phones and other wireless communication devices that meet eligibility criteria and are based on department funding availability Devices that have been lost or damaged are the responsibility of the employee to replace. Some departments have multiple staff sharing a single device for on-call rotations, etc. A number of shared or group devices will remain available and this practice continued as long as the use of said devices meets the eligibility and reporting requirements listed above. Minimal personal calls or contacts are to be made to/from these devices. Pagers and two-way radios are exempt from this policy.

E. Effect of Termination or Change in Job Requirements. If an employee’s duties change over time so that he no longer needs a cell phone or other wireless communication device to perform his job, or if he ceases to be employed by KSC after being provided with such equipment, the employee is required to return the equipment to KSC. The employee’s supervisor is responsible for reviewing the necessity of providing such equipment to employees on a periodic basis and taking steps to recall equipment no longer needed by employees for the performance of their duties.

F. Business Use of Personal Cell Phones. An employee may be reimbursed for the business use of his personal phone or other device by submitting a bill identifying the actual incremental cost of the business calls. This payment will be processed as a normal business expense reimbursement.

G. Effective Date. This policy is effective July 1, 2008

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