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Success Stories

Many people and departments across campus are implementing Lean practices and principles throughout their work for increased efficiency and customer service, both formally and informally. Listed below are but a few of the many examples of Lean at work all across campus. Check back periodically to see new stories of your colleagues’ efforts. If you have a success story of your own to share, email the details to

Internship Process for Students though Academic and Career Advising

Each semester students who would like to pursue an internship would be running around campus searching for a number of signatures. After all signatures were collected, students would then drop off reams of paper to Academic and Career Advising completing their application. Student workers at ACA would then spend countless hours inputting all the information from the student applications. A significant amount of time would be wasted just submitting the application, time a student could have had actually participating in their internship. The Internship Coordinator, Career Advisors, Director of ACA, and External Relations all agreed there must be an easier way for the students to get started sooner. After looking at the Internship Process through the Lean lens, it was clear that the application process needed to be moved online, adding the ability for constituents outside of KSC to upload the necessary information. What was a weeks-long process and been whittled down to just a few days.

- Jennifer Drake-Deese, Academic and Career Advising

Independent Study Application Process

Would you believe me if I told you we are still using carbon-copy forms? It’s true - but not for much longer, thanks to lean! A small group came together to collectively analyze the application form and the process to receive approval for Independent Study’s. What we found was quite surprising, although the registrar’s office had a hunch that the process was antiquated, which is what spurred this lean event to begin with. By moving to an electronic form, we can reduce the processing time by 31% and reduce the margin of error by 3%, all while adding the convenience of online form processing. The form is currently in development and is expected to be released this semester!

- Josh Jarvis, Office of Human Resources

Faculty Sabbatical Applications

The faculty sabbatical review committee reviewed the existing application process, which is paper-intensive and requires eight paper copies of application packages that could be read confidentially by each member of the review process. After evaluating available options, the committee has moved to an electronic method where application packages will be submitted as PDF documents. This overdue innovation will preserve the existing application format, allow for embedded hyperlinks, maintain confidentiality, and save a few reams of paper across campus.

- Michelle Fuller, Academic Affairs

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