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PAT Professional Development Fund

Introduction: The PAT Council is committed to assisting with the Professional Development of PATs. As part of its service mission, the Council coordinates use of an annual fund provided [by Human Resources]for PAT Professional Development; with the goal of providing development opportunities. When appropriate, this training and development will be made available to other KSC employees.

The Council’s primary method of providing this is through a Professional Development Day, held during May, and through other Council led training opportunities. At the same time, the Council recognizes that some groups of PATs may need training which is more specific to their responsibilities. The following guidelines are presented so that PATs may request funding for specific training opportunities.

General information:

  1. A brief description of the training/development opportunity.
  2. What are the benefits this training will provide.
  3. How many PATs will be directly involved. Will this development be available for other KSC employees.
  4. What is the budget for this event. And what other funds, if any, will be used.

Funding Priorities:

  1. Development opportunities which are made available to all PATs, or specialized training which includes a generalized component available to the campus community.
  2. Requests from departments and/or groups which have not requested funding previously.
  3. Requests which have some funding from primary department(s), and/or other campus funds.
  4. Requests which support the College’s Human Resources Master Plan and the College’s mission.

The Council will not provide funding for:

  1. Training which is the responsibility of a specific department, and should be budgeted for by that department.
  2. Recurring training requests by the same department or group.
  3. Individual training or conferences.