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Operating Staff Council Members

May 2017 - May 2018

The Council consists of eleven members that are representative of all four constituents of the Operating Staff. Within the council we have four elected officers.

Chair – Ro Dettelback, Finance & Planning (358-2114)

Vice Chair – Bob Dumond, Physical Plant (358-2204)

Treasurer – Robin Riley, Mason Library (358-2778)

Ex officio – Karen Crawford, Human Resources (358-2487)

Doug Adler, Physical Plant (358-2594)

Mike Dwyer, Mail & Print Services (358-2254)

John Edwards, Physical Plant

Derek Goodrich, Physical Plant (358-2078)

Deb Logan, Student Accounts (358-2315)

Rob Yeaw, Physical Plant (358-2595)

Contact the Operating Staff Council

Questions and concerns can be e-mailed to the Operating Staff Council at