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May 2017 - May 2018 Operating Staff Council Members

The Council consists of eleven members that are representative of all four constituents of the Operating Staff. Within the council we have four elected officers.

Chair - Ro Dettelback, Finance & Planning (358-2114)

Vice Chair - Bob Dumond, Physical Plant (358-2204)

Recorder – Liz Parker, Physical Plant (358-2706)

Treasurer – Robin Riley, Mason Library (358-2778)

Ex officio – Karen Crawford, Human Resources (358-2487)

Doug Adler, Physical Plant (358-2594)

Mike Dwyer, Mail & Print Services (358-2254)

John Edwards, Physical Plant

Derek Goodrich, Physical Plant (358-2078)

Deb Logan, Student Accounts (358-2315)

Rob Yeaw, Physical Plant (358-2595)

Operating Staff Council