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Keene State Celebrates Faculty Excellence

The intersection of scholarship and teaching – a celebration for our College!

Intersections can be messy. They can be dangerous. They can confound us. But they can also be some of the most pivotal places along the academic road and, indeed, in life. Many identify intersections as a place where one must choose a single path to pursue. But at Keene State College we recognize that they can be destinations. The intersection of teaching and scholarship is an invigorating and sometimes exhausting place to be. But engaging students deeply in learning at this intersection matters so very much for our campus.

Consider the following from “Why Teacher-Scholars Matter”:

  • “Teacher-scholars are committed to high quality undergraduate education, pursue an active program of research and scholarship, and are presumed to enliven and enrich their teaching and the student experience by incorporating insights from their own research into their instructional activities, student advising, and related work.”
  • “When they collaborate with faculty on research, students learn firsthand how experts think about and solve practical problems; their teachers become role models, mentors, and guides for continuous, lifelong learning.”
  • “…in the twenty-first century, all students must master the arts of inquiry and innovation. Essential to this task are faculty members who work with students to help them acquire such requisite skills and competencies as identifying and analyzing problems, finding and evaluating evidence, and developing and weighing competing interpretations and conclusions.”

The deep approaches to learning that one encounters at the intersection of teaching and scholarship are transformative for our students. We hope this event serves to highlight our many excellent teacher-scholars and the incredible work each of you undertakes every day in your teaching, in your scholarship, and at the intersection of the two. We thank you for all your work across the 2012-2013 academic year!

Melinda Treadwell
Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

Distinguished Teachers: A 42-Year Tradition  

Citation: Why Teacher-Scholars Matter by George Kuh, Daniel Chen, and Thomas Nelson Laird (Fall 2007). AAC&U Liberal Education Vol. 93, No. 4. Washington, DC.

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